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Finally a BOLT ON  product that allows you to tune how much volume and performance you want out of your machine.

With Noweeds.net patented technology- From a simple billet switch you can control- on the fly- a quiet civilized sound or divert through a performance muffler for a wicked deep tone, or anywhere in-between.  For that weekend Street/Strip machine enjoy wide open headers for ultimate performance - then quiet it down for the ride home.  Our twin butterfly design is an industry first and is the only system that can give you a full 100% open header in a bolt in design, without changing your current configuration.  The "h" design allows maintaining a straight through setup which is also unique to the industry.  Now available in polished stainless steel at no additional cost.

This product will put some tuneable attitude at your fingertip.    

PATENT# 6,584,767

301 3rd St.
Fairfax, SD  57335